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Important Reminder – Indian Visitors To Hong Kong To Require Pre-Registration For Travel

Important Reminder – Indian Visitors To Hong Kong To Require Pre-Registration For Travel We would like to remind you that Indian nationals arriving in Hong Kong on or after 23 January 2017 must apply for and complete online pre-arrival registration before enjoying their 14-day visa-free visit, or entering Hong Kong during transit. Holders of an […]

Travel smart: How to enjoy with family without straining your finances

Travel, particular international, always runs the risk of straining one’s finances. Not if, one chooses to be smart about it. For instance, travel at less popular times as the price of flights varies considerably depending on the month, day and time of travel and try a private room instead of a hotel, experts say. In […]

India to launch regional flights at Rs 2,500 to boost air travel

India’s aviation ministry said on Friday the first flights under a scheme to boost air travel between smaller cities should take off in January, after it finalized rules to make flying more affordable in the world’s fastest-growing aviation market. Under the “Regional Connectivity Scheme”, air fares on routes between towns and cities currently poorly connected […]

Reasons why booking your flight in advance is a good idea!

Travelling on your mind? Is our incredible India beckoning you? But is the budget an issue? Well, we have a plan for you! We’ll tell you how booking your flight tickets ahead of time is the greatest idea ever! 1. Coz it saves you money Air travel is the quickest way to travel to your […]

The 20 best islands in the world

20. St. Lucia 19. St. John, USVI 18. British Virgin Islands 17. Santorini, Greece 16. Ibiza, Spain 15. Tahiti, French Polynesia 14. Sardinia, Italy 13. Cayman Islands 12. St. Barts 11. Mykonos, Greece 10. Bali, Indonesia 9. Crete, Greece 8. Bermuda 7. Turks and Caicos 6. Vancouver Island, BC, Canada 5. Cebu, Philippines 4. Great […]


Your email is striking it’s storage limitations hitting back to 2010. Your diary appears similar to a casino game of Tetris with visits blocking out months in a range of color. The chef is requiring longer hours to satisfy quarterly deadlines. Your companion is expecting and you also not just reach host the bath, however, […]

Here’s A List Of Major Airlines That Have Banned Samsung’s Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been banned from several airlines globally following  reports of the devices catching fire, even though production for the device has formally ended. According to an AP report, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission said there were 96 reports of batteries in Note 7 phones overheating in the country. Samsung said it received 13 […]

Switzerland and Germany – The 9 Best Hidden Gems in the Alps

The 9 Best Hidden Gems in the Alps The Alps region is known for its picturesque scenery at every turn. With scenic roads, winding curves and tunnels connecting the countries of Austria, Germany and Switzerland, the Alps are the ultimate road trip destination. Use this guide to find some of the top hidden gems in […]

Ever Wondered How Many Countries, The Indian Passport Will Let You Travel To, Without A Visa?

What is a passport’s power? Simply the number of countries it allows you to travel to, without a visa. An American or a UK passport lets you enter 147 countries without a visa – at best, you’ll automatically get a Visa on Arrival. This is how the firm’s Passport Index website has ranked passports based […]

Top 10 Swiss foods

Swiss food is influenced by French, German and Italian cuisine, but each region adds its own traditional touch. Explore Swiss cuisine by canton with this list of top foods in Switzerland. Cheese fondue Cheese fondue is a great meal to share with friends. It’s a dish made of melted cheese (gruyère andemmentaler) and other ingredients, […]

South Africa-7 Reasons to Abseil off Table Mountain in Cape Town

My whole body is hanging over the edge of the 112 metre drop on top of Table Mountain & this guy from Abseil Africa says to me – “Let Go!”

This is the “Hands-free Hello Africa” – when you lean back over the precipice (backside first) and let go of the ropes, hands raised wide overhead, to strike a pose for the camera. Heart racing, palms sweating in the gardening gloves, it’s my turn to smile for the cameraman…